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Building a stronger Work Place - Employee Engagement

Building a Stronger Workplace - Employee Engagement

At Nussbaum, you’ll often hear us talk about how much we value our drivers and employees. We have a passion for our people that drives us to find ways we can continuously improve. In the last year, this passion has led Nussbaum to develop a relationship with Strategic Programs Inc. This company specializes in providing solutions to help organizations realize their goals and improve organizational performance.

Working with Strategic Programs, Nussbaum’s entire workforce was surveyed to learn more about our overall employee engagement and determine where we could make improvements.

During the month of November, the survey was launched and employees were provided information and given the opportunity to participate. Ultimately we had 93% participation. While it would be our hope to have involvement from every employee, 93% is an incredible participation level. In fact, Strategic Programs shared that this was the HIGHEST participation rate they have ever seen at a trucking company and one of the highest of any industry they have worked with. We are proud to have a team of people who want to share their thoughts and help make this a great company to work for.

So what were the results?

The survey is very in depth and covered every aspect of our business from managerial relationships down to the fine points of the job including home time, workload, and compensation. Below is a graph showing the averages of how we scored in each area against the industry. Each question was answered with a rating anywhere from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. So an overall score of 4.33 means that the average question received a rating of either 4 or 5.


Strategic Programs Employee Engagement Survey Results


The graph shows that, on average, we scored 4.33 overall against the Industry Average score of 3.9. Those results were very encouraging. They show us that, in many ways, we are doing the right things for our people.

What were some of our employee’s favorite things about Nussbaum?

  • Character is our highest trait: Honesty, fairness, caring and respect for our people.
  • We take pride in doing high-quality work and do what it takes to succeed.
  • Safety is never compromised for productivity.
  • Managers are trustworthy, responsive, and caring.
  • Our equipment is state of the art, well maintained, and in great condition. 

Even with these high scores, we can see some area that could use some attention and work.

What were some of those “not-so-favorite” things about Nussbaum?

  • Duration of home time.
  • Excess time spent at the customer.
  • Delays between loads could be improved
  • It can be difficult to get the number of miles desired.
  • Some of the new safety features on our trucks cause angst. 
Using the results:

Looking at these results, we were amazed that even the lower scores were typically above the industry average. Even with that in mind, we believe it is important to continue to press forward and find ways to improve those lower scoring areas.

Looking at these results and the year as a whole, we have begun to lay plans for improvement in 2016. Those plans include expanding our sales and operations staff to help spread out the workload to provide quicker response times to driver’s needs as well as more effectively providing good freight for our drivers.

In addition, we want to ensure that we are proactive in working with our drivers on home time needs. To do this, we will update our software to monitor driver’s schedules for missed weekends or multiple short weekends in a row and notify driver managers of the possible need for a break.

Overall, we are excited to see that our employees are highly engaged and love the work they do for us. We look forward to 2016 and seeing how these improvements will help us move forward in continuing to make Nussbaum a great team to work with.Click to edit your new post...



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