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Safety Technology

Leveraging Technology for Safer Driving

Mankind has always utilized the most advanced technologies available to make their work easier and safer. There are many jobs across the world that once required humans to put themselves into incredibly dangerous conditions that can now be performed with little or no human interaction.

The trucking industry is no stranger to these types of advancements either. Once upon a time tucks were just a cab, motor, steering wheel and some tires. Now it’s all of those things, plus some of the most advanced computers available. Computers that continuously monitor speed, position, road conditions, and g-force for sudden changes and issues. Often these systems not only provide a warning to the driver but even automatically make corrections for the driver. It is pretty incredible how much a truck can do to help keep drivers and their cargo safe.

Collision avoidance systems can tell if a truck is too close to other vehicles and warn the driver or even slow down accordingly.

Lane departure systems monitor how the truck is riding between the lines on the road. If the truck begins to here too close or over a line a warning will sound on the corresponding side of the cab letting the driver know to gently correct.

Roll stability control systems can detect if the truck is sliding or in danger of rolling. The system reacts within milliseconds reducing the engine throttle and applying breaks to slow the truck down and regain control.

Systems such as Smart Drive offer even more safety functionality in the form of g-force monitoring and both exterior and interior event recording capabilities. They are triggered by a noticeable change in g-force such as slamming on the breaks or making a fast hard turn or swerve. They then save the footage recorded 10 seconds prior to and after the event. The 20 second clip is then evaluated by Smart Drive personal and forwarded on to the company depending on the significance of the event.

These systems can help in preventing safety incidents by encouraging drivers to practice safe driving habits knowing that an incident will be recorded. Companies can also use the data from such devices to develop targeted training programs for drivers to help improve awareness of safe driving practices. At the same time, when an incident does occur these can serve as solid proof that the driver did everything the right way and could make all the difference in vindicating drivers saving them from large fines or worse.

Safety technology in the trucking industry has come a long way. At Nussbaum, we want our drivers to be safe while they’re out on the road so they can enjoy the time with their families when they are home. We continue to embrace those new technologies to help ensure that goal for our drivers. That’s just one way we can deliver a better experience for both our drivers and our customers.