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Top 50 Green Fleets

Moving Forward in Fuel Efficiency.

As partners in the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program, we are serious about fuel efficiency. Each year we take steps to continue to improve our fuel economy and lower emissions. That is why we are so excited that HDT has recognized us as a Top 50 Green Fleet for the third year in a row.

Each year HDT takes a hard look at the work fleets are doing to reduce their impact on the environment. They then determine 50 that stand above the rest. Being on this list for the third year is great confirmation for us that we are doing the right things.

Some of the work we have done to continue our efforts in 2015 include:

  • Maintaining late model equipment to take advantage of the latest technologies in fuel efficiency.
    • We replaced 80 trucks in 2015.
    • 65% of our fleet is now 2014 model year or newer.
  • We committed to outfitting our entire fleet with Flow Below AeroKits. This improvement provides the opportunity for an extra 2.23% in fuel savings.
  • We continue to provide training to all drivers to take full advantage of fuel saving features. One of our top performing former drivers provides this training.
  • Our drivers earn a bonus from a scorecard system that includes fuel performance.

These efforts have allowed our fleet to average over 8 mpg this year to date. 20% of our fleet averaged greater than 9 mpg during peak season (May – September).

Learn more about our Building Blocks for Greater Fuel Mileage on our blog.