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Nussbaum Awarded for Fleet Safety & Compliance!

We all need a little validation every now and then. Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) magazine chose Nussbaum as their winner for the 2015 Fleet Safety & Compliance award! The contest judged a company’s safety culture, practices, programs, and most importantly – the results.

To what (or whom) can we attribute this accolade? One obvious answer is Nussbaum’s safety team. A lot of time and effort go into creating a safe culture and achieving stellar results. But the award speaks to much more than that. Safety can promote, encourage, incentivize, remind, and enforce. Yet if standing alone, it would avail nothing at all. It takes the other arms of the company to make it happen.

Jeremy Stickling Accepts Safety & Compliance Award for Nussbaum

Our leaders believe in safety first. From providing manpower or additional funds for a new technology, they have always given more than adequate resources and support to safety initiatives.


If a driver feels pressured or hears “deliver the load at all costs” then safety is quickly compromised. Our Ops group has always been very in tune with safety, whether it be accommodating a fatigued driver or responding to a driver’s concerns at a customer location.


One of the worst things a driver can hear is:  “Just drive it as it is!” Our maintenance team understands the impact of equipment defects. They are not afraid to spend the time and money required to resolve issues right away.

The Driver!

Ultimately it all comes down to the individual behind the wheel. Nussbaum’s driver fleet is best in class!! Thank you for caring, seeing the importance, and putting safety into practice with every mile you drive!