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Recognized as a 2016 Top 50 Green Fleet

Recognized as a 2016 Top 50 Green Fleet

We are very proud to announce that we have been recognized by Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) as a top 50 green fleet in 2016. This marks the fourth year in a row that we have received this honor.

Fuel efficiency has long been a key focus of our team at Nussbaum and is something that we believe everyone can support from top management all the way to the drivers that make it all happen. Over the years we have committed to maintaining late model Freightliner Cascadia Evolution trucks that have been meticulously designed to reduce wind resistance and maximize the performance of it’s engine and transmission to get the best fuel economy. On top of that we have installed Flow Below wheel covers and fairings on all new trucks and utilize skirts and tails on trailers to minimize wind resistance and drag from front to back.

But it takes more than just equipment to get the best results. Our drivers are committed to driving practices that promote greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. And this year we completely redesigned our bonus program to support and reward our drivers for utilizing safe, fuel efficient behaviors.

We don’t want to forget our operations team. They work hard each day to schedule and assign loads in the most efficient way possible to help support our drivers goals and deliver for our customers.

With the right equipment and great people utilizing that equipment to their fullest, we have been able to average over 8.8 mpg during optimal months. Many of our top performers have averaged over 10 mpg and even reached 11 mpg.

We’d like to thank HDT for this honor and look forward to 2017 as another year to work towards even greater efficiency and a greener tomorrow.


Here is a little more about how the Top 50 Green Fleets are chosen:

The Top 50 Green Fleets are chosen by HDT’s editors, and candidates for the award are nominated online or found through gathering publicly available information such as press releases, websites, case studies and news. For some fleets, that means alternative fuels. For others, it means striving to reach a 10-mpg goal for a Class 8 truck. At other fleets, it’s all about right-sizing the fleet and vehicles and route optimization, or hauling more freight in the same number of trailers.

The Top 50 Green Fleets list is made up of companies of all types and sizes. It contains government fleets, private fleets, for-hire fleets, truckload, less-than-truckload, vocational and delivery fleets. Some fleets have fewer than 50 trucks, while others have more than 5,000, but all the fleets selected have made a commitment to green, sustainable operations. HDT has been recognizing fleets with this award since 2013.