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Increasing Employee Engagement

The Power of the WIG

In 2016, leadership here at Nussbaum heard about a practice called 4 Disciplines of Execution(4DX) by Franklin Covey. The goal of 4DX is that, in the whirlwind of our daily tasks, each person in the company is empowered to affect our organization's goal. What is that extremely important “thing” that our company needs to achieve and how can our employees directly effect that goal? 4DX gives structure to the goal and promotes intense focus to execute and achieve whatever goal we would collectively decide.

In September of 2016, Nussbaum decided that we would employ 4DX to help achieve our Wildly Important Goal (WIG as they called it) of reaching 25% driver turnover by June of 2017. An ambitious company goal as our turnover at the time was 45% for 2016. We developed a few “sub WIG’s” in support of that WIG. These involved improving overall Driver Satisfaction, reducing Driver Home-Time Misses and increasing driver First Year Success.

After many meetings to educate and assimilate 4DX and its practices into our weekly and daily execution, we were ready to begin. Departments formed into 13 strategic teams. Coaches and team facilitators were assigned to help maintain accountability and lead weekly 4DX meetings. Each team could now begin generating ideas to support each sub WIG and ultimately, our company WIG.

You could feel the energy, excitement, and focus as each team began executing on weekly commitments to positively affect driver turnover.

Customer service committed to reaching out to 25 drivers per week. They would make goodie bags and either hand them out or send drivers a gift card while on the road. Another commitment they made was to send a note of appreciation to 10 driver’s wives per week.

Sales committed to collecting driver feedback and calling 5 drivers per week to understand driver preferences and value that information as we brought on freight.

Marketing developed more training and informational videos to move the first-year success sub WIG.

The shop crews made goals towards reducing indirect time and quicker on-the-road breakdown resolution. And many more unique ideas that would push us towards our goal.

In the middle of May, we came to the realization that we would miss our WIG of reducing driver turnover to 25% by June. As much as we all wanted to see that driver turnover hit 25%, it was clear that 4DX had been successful at Nussbaum. Our turnover percentage will be right at 30%, which is a serious win for our company and a big reason to celebrate as we work hard towards supporting our drivers and their families. We were doing things now that affected not only our drivers, but employee engagement and operational efficiencies. Many other wins and great new practices came from 4DX and will continue to be part of life here at Nussbaum. We're all looking forward to what our next WIG will be!

Why is this important for our customers? The answer is simple and part of the heartbeat that keeps Nussbaum moving every single day. Brent Nussbaum once told me that his father, Alden, would always say:

“If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers.”

That has been the Nussbaum philosophy ever since the company was founded by Alden in 1945. We will carry this philosophy with us as we continue to serve our people and our customers.