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TCA  Fleet Safety Award

TCA Fleet Safety Award Winner!

Do you value safety? We treasure it for our drivers, their families, and those they encounter over the road. Our second company award of 2018 backs that up.

Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has given Nussbaum a Fleet Safety Award based on our mileage to accident ratio. Competition is tough – filling out lengthy applications, undergoing a vigorous audit, and primarily – our drivers keeping themselves and everyone on the road safe.

Sponsored by Great West Casualty Company, TCA’s 42nd Annual Fleet Safety Awards honor trucking companies who have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to safety. The top three winning companies in each of six divisions had the lowest accident frequency ratios per million miles annually.

“TCA is proud to honor the safest fleets in the United States and Canada,” said TCA President John Lyboldt. “The companies spotlighted in this contest have developed innovative programs that not only teach their professional drivers how to remain safe on our highways, but cultivate cultures in which the values of safety course through the entirety of their fleets.”

Safety is a top priority at Nussbaum – we never sacrifice it in the name of getting the job done. Our families and friends are out on the roads daily, whether they are drivers or four-wheelers. It may not be our daughter or uncle or grandparents in the next lane, but they are someone else’s.

Nussbaum’s VP of Human Resources and Safety, Jeremy Stickling, compliments,

“The levels of safety performance required for this award are very difficult to achieve. The credit for such results goes to our drivers. Our driving team members put enormous effort into developing their safe driving skills!”

You can be confident in the fact that when you see a Nussbaum truck bumping dock, there’s an attentive driver behind the wheel that ensured a safe arrival.