$7,500 Transition Bonus

Nussbaum is hiring dedicated drivers in XXXXXX, IL on a dedicated run for Customer ABC.


We know switching to a new job can be difficult. That’s why we’re offering a $7,500 transition bonus.

  • You’ll get $2,500 after you haul your first load.
  • Another $2,500 after three months.
  • A final $2,500 after six months. see below for more details about Nussbaum.
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Pay Details

  • $7,500 Transition Bonus
  • Earn $75,000 – $80,000 your first year with Nussbaum
  • $1,350 weekly minimum guaranteed
  • Plus Activity Pay
    • $17 for load pick up
    • $17 for final delivery
    • $10 for trailer swap on split loads
    • $10 for empty trailer moves (when no pickup/delivery at that location)

Additional Pay

  • Detention – $15/hour after only 1 hour
  • Door-to-Door Practical Miles –  paying both loaded and empty.
  • Layover/Breakdown – $230 per day rate.
  • Stop-off  Pay – $17 per stop in excess of 1st pick-up and final delivery.
  • Paid Parking – All Paid/Reserved Truck Parking is reimbursed.

Key Benefits

  • ESOP – Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a retirement plan invested in the company’s stock. Giving our employees a financial stake in the company and a great retirement benefit in addition to the 401K match.
  • 401K Match – Available from your first payckeck.
  • Full Coverage Health Insurance – Including dental and vision.
  • Paid Holidays – 8 paid holidays throughout the year at your guaranteed day rate.
  • Paid Vacation –  After 1 year, receive 1 week paid vacation. // After 3 years, 2 weeks paid vacation. // after 6 years, 3 weeks paid vacation. // After 10 years, 4 weeks paid vacation. // After 15 years, 5 weeks paid vacation.

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