Safe and reliable to ensure on-time delivery.


An Investment in Dependability

When it comes to the handling of your product, we take care to ensure that it arrives safely, and on-time, delivered by some of the most professional drivers in the industry.

Late Model

  • 2.5 Years. That’s the average age of a Nussbaum Truck. We buy Freightliner trucks exclusively. Our partnership with Freightliner has allowed us to develop a tractor unit that is reliable, efficient, and comfortable.
  • Trailers you ask? As we introduce new trailers to our fleet each year, replacing older ones and expanding our capacity, we’ve maintained an average age of 4 years on our trailers.
  • We utilize all 53’ Duraplate HD trailers from Wabash National. With an interior width of 101” and heavy duty construction, we’re ready to take on any load.


  • We operate our own service department for truck and trailer maintenance and repairs. Having same-model equipment allows us to perform routine maintenance efficiently. It also allows us to troubleshoot any issues quickly with minimal down time. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to make sure the on time pick-up and arrival of your product isn’t interrupted by a break down.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

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