Fleet Planner

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Listing Status: Filled
  • Date Posted: 2021-10-28 01:10

Job Description

  • Freight Planning
    • Responsible for planning loads for approximately 70 drivers
    • Trying to find the best load that keeps our trucks moving and maximize billable miles.
    • Balances load capacity with driver hours-of-service capacity
  • Communication with other departments, such as:
    • Driver Managers on progress of their drivers on given loads, and understanding driver needs they must look out for
    • Shop – to schedule and route trucks through for service
    • Working closely with the regional planners as other needs come up and require changes to existing driver plans

Job Requirements

  • Key skills
    • A lot of logic, organization, planning – lots of time-based calculations, finding the mix of keeping a truck moving but not so tight that all must go perfect, and we fail on the load
    • Flexibility – as plans break (as they do all the time), to keep a level head and work on Plan B
    • Multi-tasking abilities. There are all kinds of loads, contingencies, appointments, to be balancing. Circumstances change constantly
    • Creativity – think outside the box to take more freight, or how to move drivers around to get tricky loads delivered on time without violation HOS rules
    • There will be a fair amount of talking to drivers – their driver manager may be out, or they may have a question about a load
    • Balancing the profitability and efficiency with the driver’s needs, performance, and style

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