This page will help you know what to expect for your orientation with Nussbaum and give you some tools to get you going a little quicker.

What to bring to orientation:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Logs – logs must be filled out for previous 7 days. If you were driving for another company please bring a copy of your logs for that time.
  • Our drivers are asked to sign off on their previous 10 years of employment given on their application.  Be prepared to update the application if there are any gaps of employment.
  • Any gear/supplies you need to be ready to move into your truck at the end of orientation
  • Have any tools and gloves you need to perform a pre-trip inspection. You will be conducting a pre-trip inspection on day one of orientation.
Other Considerations:
  • Please feel free to dress casual for orientation. Shorts/Jeans are acceptable.
  • Please no sleeveless shirts or apparel with foul or inappropriate wording or pictures/artwork.
  • Nussbaum is a smoke free workplace. Smoking is only permitted in the designated, outdoor location near the driver’s parking lot.

Orientation Schedule

Unless otherwise instructed, orientation will be held Monday - Wednesday. Please be prepared to begin promptly at 7:30 Monday morning. Lunch will be provided for you each day. You can plan to move into your truck on Day 3 and head out with your first dispatch on Day 4.

Schedule is subject to change.


  • E-logs
  • Have past seven days of logs
  • BOL’s | Paperwork | Transflo
  • Permits/Tolls/Registration Binders
  • Pay & Settlement Sheets
  • Introduction to SmartDrive
  • 401(K) Plan Overview
  • Drug Screen & Physical


  • ROAD TEST (Be prepared with gloves and flashlight for pre-tip inspection)
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Uniform Orders
  • Load Assignments


  • Truck Orientation
  • Skills Training and Practical Applications
  • Final Wrap-up


  • Head Out with Your First Dispatch Assignment

What you can do now

Watch the following videos on Hours of Service & SmartDrive Event Recorders. Both are required, and are very informative for any driver regardless of experience.



Next, you can learn about LiNK, the Nussbaum app for drivers, Transflo, a digital paperwork scanning service, and you can watch some additional resource videos as well.

All of these videos will need to be viewed before the end of your orientation. It is important that you go through each section completely, as there are tidbits of information that could save a lot of time and frustration later. These videos are intended to help you start off on the right foot as you begin your career as a Nussbaum driver.

Document Scanning

Transflo is a document scanning service with truck stop scan stations and a mobile phone app that allows you to transfer paperwork digitally to the office. Watch these videos to see how it works and get your mobile device set up with the app.


Intro to LiNK

Stay Connected. Plan Your Day.

LiNK is our unique application designed to help you access all of your information such as pay statements, eLogs, messages, and more. You should receive an invitation to sign up for LiNK on the Friday before your Orientation. Once you have received your credentials, you will be able to click the button below to sign in and access information on how to install LiNK along with other LiNK tutorials.