Consider becoming a professional truck driver. Nussbaum Trucking Academy at Heartland Community College’s Truck Driver Training Program will open the door to a lifetime of opportunities!

You will receive classroom training for the CDL Learner’s Permit, 8 hours of Essential Workplace Skills training in communications and customer service, and behind-the-wheel training in an automatic transmission semitrailer-truck.

At the end of the course, you will take a Class “A” License Road and Skill Test, administered by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

The course covers the following topics to prepare you for an entry-level position as a driver:

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State + Federal Regulations

Logbook Entry Details + Compliance

Map Reading + Trip Planning

Complete Vehicle Training


What does the course and curriculum look like?

The first week is about introducing students to the world of truck driving. Topics include commercial driving regulations, safe driving techniques, how to perform inspections, and hours of service (HOS). After the first week, students will take the written test to obtain a CDLP (CDL learner’s permit). During the next three weeks, students will complete behind-the-wheel training: inspecting the rig, practicing driving skills (both on a skills course and the road), backing, etc. After completing the full four-week class, students will take their CDL exam at an Illinois Secretary of State Drivers License Facility.

Our course also emphasizes development in communication and customer service skills. As a professional driver, you will represent your employer to the various customers that you serve, and trucking companies look for these types of skills when considering you for employment.

What are the Costs and Enrollment Process?

The total cost of the program is approximately $4,365. This includes tuition ($4,200), a drug screen/physical exam (around $115), and a CDL permit fee ($50). During your enrollment, Heartland will inform you of financial assistance opportunities, as well as the program requirements and expectations. 

You may choose to finance your education through a payment plan or student loan assistance. Ask your Heartland enrollment advisor for more information. 

To get started, download Heartland’s “Get Rolling” document and complete all the instructions. Then, you may contact Heartland (309) 268-8448) to schedule your registration appointment. 

What sets Nussbaum Trucking Academy apart from others?

You get the best of both worlds – Heartland’s award-winning learning environment and scholarship opportunities + Nussbaum’s industry and driving expertise. Your instructors are highly skilled professional drivers with years of experience in trucking.

Where is the Trucking Academy Located?

The Trucking Academy is located at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois – just a few miles down the road from Nussbaum.

Drive your career forward.

Nussbaum Trucking Academy at Heartland Community College will help you get there.