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Nussbaum is leading the Industry through Innovation

Being at the forefront of the transportation industry has been central to Nussbaum’s business strategy since its inception over 70 years ago. We are proud to provide innovative, reliable transportation solutions for our customers while maintaining a high level of integrity. 

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Leading in Efficiency

As a partner in the EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership program, we have worked to achieve the highest fuel efficiency standards possible through the use of:

  • Trailer Tails and Skirts
  • Ecoflaps
  • Freightliner's innovative aerodynamics built into their Cascadia tractors.
  • Driver Incentives focused on fuel efficient performance.

X-Duty Trailers

The X-Duty Trailer is dual-purpose van trailer designed to meet the demands of extremely high-stress requirements. By supporting loads over 50% greater than any other van trailer in the industry we can further streamline freight costs by reducing deadheading using the same trailer for raw and finished products.